Welcome page photo website I personally “Thank you for visiting my JustCreateByBeckie Website”!!! If you are here and reading this... I am so honored that God and the Angels brought you to my website and classrooms.  I am only one person doing what I feel I was destined create and to teach.  I believe Art Can Heal The World… and Art Can Heal You Too…. I know a lot of people say “I have never painted before… or…I cannot even draw a stick figure”….  But I believe there is an Artist in everyone!! Every person I know was a child artist, whether you remember it or not.  As children we all learn to draw and write and anything we create is acceptable in the world.  And I believe at some point, many of us have been creatively shut down, for one reason or another. Maybe something was said to you that made you believe you could not create, or you wouldn’t know where to start, or life just became so serious that there was no time for you.  But if you have a desire to try… you have the flicker of light to succeed!  IT is not about what everyone else is doing or creating.  It is about you, your style… and yes… everyone has a style!  You just haven’t recognized it yet. I know firsthand how busy life can get juggling work, family and more!  And I also understand how a sudden disease or illness can strike and how it affects and impacts your body, state of mind, your daily life and the lives of friends and loved ones around you.  And I am here to tell you that even on the darkest of days there is always “light and love” around you, even when you cannot see it. On these days it seems as though you are drained and tired with little energy.  I believe if we can muster a tiny piece of energy towards a few minutes of creating, we can restore and re-charge our light inside, minute by minute. Although for many years my art career was on hold, my life journey has taken me through all sorts of paths… and still does… every single one of them a lesson, a memory, a creation.   I have learned so much... and have so much to share!!  I am so happy I finally arrived as an Artist, Teacher and Mentor!!  I feel that creativity still exists inside every person and that tapping into ones creativity can heal your life, your body and your mind!  All it takes to get started is one sketch, one scribble, one painting…or turning the page in your art journal.  I encourage you to Just Create! “Thank you so much for loving and supporting my Art!” and looking forward to seeing you in my classroom or on Facebook!  Love B:) Beckie J. Neff ~ Artist Save